The Herbalist: Preface

Hello. The Herbalist is a writing project...

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Another Update

My Friends, I have just recently gotten back from visiting family on the other side of the country. I did not have access to a computer during this trip, so I could not update The Herbalist. However, I am back and ready to write more than ever. Expect another chapter of The Herbalist tomorrow evening. Regards,... Continue Reading →

An Apology and An Update

My friends, I owe you an apology. I have not been updating The Herbalist every week as I had originally promised. Certain events in my personal life have made it difficult to find time or motivation to write, and as a result, I have not written anything in a while. I did not want my... Continue Reading →

The Herbalist, Chapter 3: To Gleannfald

The next morning, in the golden minutes of dawn, Deorwyn barked. Innis jumped at the sound. She was in her storeroom, restoring a bit of order to the drawers of herbs that were stacked high and wide across one wall before she left for Gleannfald. She had left a mess after preparing her orders yesterday.... Continue Reading →

Some Details

My Friends, A quick update. The Herbalist will gain a new chapter every week. I cannot promise the day, but I can say it will be a later day in the week, Sometime between Wednesday and Saturday. I hope to include small, original illustrations along with each chapter from now on, to help you catch... Continue Reading →

The Herbalist, Chapter 1: A Visit

Nestled just inside the treeline of an immense forest stood a cottage. Honeyed sunlight streamed through breaks in the trees and poured itself onto the stones of the cottage's exterior. The birds were wide awake in the branches of the ancient trees, and they sang for anyone or anything that would listen. The dew shone... Continue Reading →

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